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November 09, 2005



"Nice to know you won't be needing the military, too. What are the chances you'll have major Katrina-like disaster when you'll need their help? I'm sure that whole San Andreas fault thing is mostly hype."

Military recruiters don't usually come in and recruit for the reserves in schools, just for the active branches, I believe. Unless things have changed drastically since I was in high school.

Jeff Hess

Shalom Sandy,

As a veteran who did a tour as a recruiter back in 1978, I have to agree with the folks in San Francisco. The time and place for a young man or woman to sit down with a military recruiter is in their home with one, or preferably both, parents present.

Barring that ideal situation, then the parent or parents need to take their son or daughter down to the recruiting office if they have expressed a desire to wear the uniform of their country.

Schools are for learning. Period. (And, for the record, I would also object to any corporation sending recruiters into the classroom.)

If the school hosts a job fair, then all branches of the Service should be present. That, however, is a different atmosphere from what I know takes place in classrooms or lunchrooms when a recruiter in dress uniform makes an appearance.

Recruiters don't lie. Any who are tempted quickly find themselves shipped back to their units. But recruiters do put the best face on any questions they are asked. An adult who has been around the block a few times can better understand that and guide their son or daughter to make wise decisions.

That's what my father, also a veteran, did for me and because of his sage advice I was able to serve my country for 11 years and benefit from the experience.



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