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November 15, 2005



75% of the votes were against you. The MOB mayor needs a mandate (as was announced well before the polls closed). 25% ain't a mandate.



What are you running against? Closet Democrats?

They insist on a vote then, not liking the results of the vote, they insist on a runoff then, when it looks like the runoff may not work out to their liking, they start yammering about mandates.

Is this going to the Supreme Court?


"Of course. KAR posts nothing but lies about us at the polling site."

Ouch. I'm changing my vote to Dementee


I shall continue voting anyway, and anytime possible.

No,..... no thanks needed. I'm just wondering if any of the chicks have a sister, aunt or sister in law sharing the same political views who happen to be single and in the upper range of her forties.

Chicks RULE!!!!

Night Writer

Doesn't the concept of having an evil alter ego suggest that there is a non-evil, normal person in the mix? And does each one get a vote?


As he slowly works his way through the computer labs of SCSU the polital operative repeatedly sends votes in for the MAWB Squad.


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