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November 17, 2005



You could really show him up by defeating his preferred candidate Dementee in the new runoff! Man, would THAT cheese him off!


Math???? You can't even count days. The poll went up *yesterday* morning.

And after 2 days there are a little more than half of the total votes than in the first 2 days of the previous baloting.

Really, stop digging. Your hole is deep enough.

Or are y'all just so frustrated that your dreams of world domination are smashed?


Excuse me for not obsessively refreshing KAR minute by minute. Seventy-one votes in 28 hours now? Get real Foot. No one is falling for this scam.


Definitely Democrats.

Not real closeted though.

Nihilist Wannabee Bill

I am watching for hanging chads!

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