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October 14, 2005



We haven't watched the Martha version. The lovely kiss off letter just may convince me to set a timer though.

No DVR! Oh, the humanity! Sign up for Dish and you get one free. One problem. They are seriously addictive. One develops the urge to be able to pause life, and hit the back button. If only it were so.


The daughter would be Alexis. I am not watching Martha's apprentice but I remember Alexis' appearances from the old show. It looked like she would rather be anywhere than on camera. Finally she became the "book editor" for Martha's book segment which meant she had to pick a book a month for Martha to interview the author about. Tough job, I know and she didn't even have to be on camera for that. Mom definitely wants her involved in Martha Inc. even if her only daughter doesn't seem to have any interest or aptitude in the biz.

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