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October 14, 2005



I can finally comment on this because I got around to watching it on Tivo tonight.

1. Have you noticed how the men seem to be able to forgive and move on? Remember what a doofus Marcus was the first and second episodes but after he eeked out a potential firing, he suddenly became the cheerleader for the team and more importantly, the rest of the team embraced the new Marcus. The women on the other hand had it in for Toral, Toral had it in for them and they just hammered away at eachother which contributed to their shitty promotional campaign. (Did anyone else think that their character resembled a part of the male anatomy? It just begged to be made fun of).

2. The only way Toral could have redeemed herself (other than becoming project manager and being half-way decent to the others) was to get in the stupid costume, recognizing it for what it was, a chance for the blondes to let off some of their resentment by humiliating her a little. By accepting this task with good grace it would have given Toral a modicum of sympathy.

3. We see that "cultural" differences and faux self-esteem seem to be the last refuge of losers. Wish they could show that on a few college campuses. What religion doesn't allow people to wear costumes?


Good call on the difference between the men and womens team. However, at least Marcus had to face the music in the boardroom. I can see how the fact that Toral was shielded from that made a big difference in how the team reacted to her.

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