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October 18, 2005


Uncle Ben

It's very sad that taking innocent life is viewed by some as the moral thing to do. All of us are messed up somehow. Demanding perfection from the unborn is horrible.


Today's moms can play Hitler, but Gattaca is our future.


Something you might want to look at, is the Teen Endangerment Act. This was voted on by the House of Representatives voted to restrict a teenager's ability to obtain an abortion in a state where she do not reside if she does not first comply with a complex system of parental notification mandates. This legislation endangers young women's health and force teens to get "back ally abortions", or abortions with coat hangers or other unsantitary means. i disagree with abortion, but abortions will happen, whether they are illegal or not


These people pretend to be speaking morally, but they are spouting the exact same philosophy as the Nazi's espoused. The logic that it is somehow morally superior to kill a person than allow them to live a difficult life is sickness and evil, dressed up as beauty and goodness. The truth is that none of these people want to deal with difficulties, even when those "difficulties" are not theirs, or in fact, are non existant. It's frightening, not so much because some folks are willing to erase from society everyone who doesn't fit their standards, but because so many of us don't speak up on behalf of what is right.
Keep up the good work.


Dear Anonymous,

Let me highlight the fallacy in your argument.

"I disagree with murder, but murders will happen, whether they are illegal or not."

So, should we make murder legal? I vote no.

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