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October 19, 2005



I believe that TwoDragons and the Mad Monk at Who Tends the Fires once had a Sleep Number / Select Comfort bed. You might mosey on over and ask about it.


We've had one for years, and love it. But they weren't making a fancy-pants "adjustable bed option" when we bought ours. It wasn't called a "Sleep Number" bed then either. It was plain old "Select Comfort."


Sandy, I've never had one, but some good friends of mine have. They swear by it. The fact that one can have firm and the other fluffier makes life wonderful for them!


The Penguin and I have had ours for about 3 years and we did get the adjustable one. (actually two XL twins side by side, the crack in the middle has never bothered us and that way we can both choose our position) Bottom line, I wouldn't want to be without one now and the Penguin feels the same way. If you watch TV or read in bed spend the extra cash for the adjustable, you won't regret it. It did take about a month to find my sleep number so if you get one be patient.

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