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October 05, 2005



As a Minnesotan you know that if you sweve to miss a Whitetail rat (deer) and hit a stop sign it is collision insurance covering it. If you hit the deer it is comprehensive. For those of us without collision insurance it could be a big deal

Night Writer

The "don't swerve" lesson was one of the first I imparted to the Mall Diva when she got her learner's permit.

It does remind me of my own driver's education training at one of those six-week programs that used to be offered at your high school. We'd have an hour or so of lecture and videos, followed by driving with an instructor. Part of completing the program was passing a written final, which included the question, "What is the most dangerous animal to hit on the road?"

I must have been sleeping through that part of the lecture - I had not even a hint of recalling that being discussed. I wrote in "Rogue Elephant." The correct answer turned out to be "Hog". Something about its mass and low center of gravity. All I know is, I've kept my eyes peeled ever since. I have seen a few road hogs, but so far no swine on the highway.

Surly Dave

But is it okay to swerve to hit any furry woodland creature? It seems to add some fun to long, boring road trips. Of course it takes me weeks to recover from the arm pounding my wife gives me.


Playing for points, an activity generally done on purpose, does change the equation.

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