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October 07, 2005


Uncle Ben

Was that paraphrase or parody? ;)

Uncle Ben

Off topic. Sandy, do you really think that I'm that stupid? Perhaps it's just hard to fall out of love before falling back in. There are other mitigating factors as well. Maybe I'll use the MOB as a big psycotherapist if things get crazy!!! :)


O.K. I give you credit. But, if we were to assume the relationship goes somewhere, at some point you'd be telling her about your blog, right?

I'm just sayin' you might have to deal with it somewhere down the line.

Uncle Ben

She knows about the blog, but she doesn't know the address. If things go well that would presumbably mean that I'll be falling out of love as I'm falling into it. In which case said post will be deleted with all haste!

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