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September 26, 2005



Sliders...mmm, back when Jerry O'Connell was still kinda geeky.

Speaking of which, someone should throw "My Secret Identity" in there.


No Farscape! I can't believe the Boston.com people thought drek like "Logan's Run" was better than "Farscape"... *sigh* Here's hoping syndication will be kind to it.



Sliders: Of course I mean the early episodes with Wade as the female character and Johnathon Davies as the Professor. Before the uber geeky brother character was added.


I'm sure I'll get around to Farscape one of these days. FWIW, there was a lot of groaning on /. over the omission.

Night Writer

I loved "Quantum Leap" though I never saw it until it was in syndication. Nine or ten years ago (my, time flies) it was on every night at 10 and I got hooked. It was great watching it this way without the one week between episodes. The concluding show of the series, "Mirror Image", was one of the best episodes I've ever seen on television in any genre and did a deft job of tieing up the mystery/spirituality/purpose without forcing it all into a tidy box.


Plus, Scott Bakula has an excellent singing voice.


Hmm. Like you I recently got seriously-in-need-of-professional-help hooked on Firefly. Star Trek TOS, Next Generation and Deep Space Nine would be on my list. (Voyager should be tossed post haste into the nearest industrial incinerator.) Yes, Babylon 5 is among the best ever. (I'm not including Season 5 with Fembot Byron, and the movies.)

As a youth, I might have include Space Academy and Jason of Star Command.

Actually, I'm amazed there even *are* 50 SciFi TV shows. Did pretty much everything make the list?


Rew, you really are a kindred spirit, in spite of our political persuasions.

My intention with ordering the DVD's was to see all the series before the movie release. If you don't have them, I'd be happy to lend them to you when we're done watching them.


Ha! I got signaturea mixed up and it's actually Jeff who joins me in my Firefly/Serenity obsession, not Rew. My bad.

Next Generation was good, but they were so "pushing the New Age agenda", that it drove me nuts. We never got seriously into Deep Space 9. (The PiC was put off by the whole Oracle bit and the fact that it was Star Trek and they stayed in one place all the time!)

I'm with you on Season 5 for Babylon.


Yeah, Next Generation drowned in sappyness at times, but when it was good, it was good. Few shows created a rich, believable world like Star Trek did.

As for DS9, I agree, the whole Prophet thing was hokey. But throw that out, and there was some great storytelling.

Speaking of which, I forget to mention one of my top two or three all time faves: Dr. Who

Cheesiest. Sets. Ever. True, but almost always top notch stories. Dr. Who had its own Wesley Crusher, Adric, and we all cheered mightily when Adric plowed into Earth and killed the dinosaurs.

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