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September 22, 2005


Jim Avolt

I own a tavern in Toledo, Ohio. Last year our foolish city government passed a smoking ban. More than 17 viable businesses were driven out of business. Taverns, bowling centers and small restaurants. All along, the anti-smoke groups proclaimed the law a success and advised that business was booming for the Toledo hospitality industry. To get this spin on the awful law, they used Dunn and Bradstreet reports on businesses in Toledo. They lie and manipulate information to suit their purpose. Not one local tavern, bar ow bowling center even belongs to Dunn and Bradstreet. D&B compiles information on national and international corporations, not local taverns and bowling centers.

We were lucky in November of last year when citizens approved an amendment allowing smoking in adult destinations of taverns, bowling centers and bingo halls. We beat our daily paper that campaigned against us, our idiot mayor who strongarmed the measure through council and the non-smokers who, typically don't go into bars anyway. We worked hard for the cause and got Toledoans to realize that the law wasn't fair. After our narrow victory, our idiot County Health Director and local newspaper proclaimed we had set the health of Toledo back 20 years. What inane dribble.

Good luck to you. Hopefully common sense will win out for you as it did for us.

Jim Avolt
The Distillery
Toledo, Ohio

Marcus Aurelius

Appleton bar owners finally got smart, organized and forced a reconsideration of the Appleton, WI smoking ban onto another referendum. Their organizing and motivating is not done yet.

I do not recall hearing of any closures yet but I have yet to hear of any bar owner talk about an increase in busness. Yeah, hordes of people would hit the bars if only they were smoke free. What a pile of hooey.

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