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August 22, 2005



Bring back the Court Jester!!

Oh and a tip on the bar napkins. Sprinkle salt on them and then it won't stick to the bottom of your glass. Just one more useless lessons I learned in college rather than studying.


Why kill garter snakes? They're harmless to people, and rather useful in keeping down other, more objectionable, critters.

I can't give you a clear line dividing 'idiosyncracy' from 'psychological problem'; all that comes to mind is the maxim that eccentric is crazy with money.


I got a good laugh about that one, but please no more refernces to J-Ho er J-Lo with my name in it.

Wet paper huh? I knew enough in my post not to reveal something that could easily be carried out in public. Next time you're around Keegan's you'll have to watch over your shoulder.
I could wrap you in wet placemats while I play the spoons for Mitch.

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