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August 18, 2005



I watched a few episodes of Cooks Tour. It was morbidly fascinating to see what awful foods he would find to eat. Blood sausage in England, partially formed chicks, right out of the shell in Asia, etc..etc..
Then I saw him swallow a beating cobra heart.
That was the last time I watched Cooks Tour. NEVER AGAIN.

Dave in Pgh.

How does smoking offend vegans? I though tobacco was a vegetable. Most meat-free people I have known were quite avid smokers.

Now I'm starting to wonder if that chef has ever eaten tobacco.


How does smoke offend vegans? They are offended by everything. Hell, I'm sure they even offend themselves.

Dave in Pgh.

Actually, Jo, Vegans are incapable of offending themselves. The horrid cooking aroma deadens their senses of smell to the point that the body odor and patchouli oil does not even register with them. It sure offends the heck out of everyone else within nose range.

For example, the other day there was a small party at my office. The college girl vegheads brought in some hideous humus concoction that could not have been made with anything that you or I would recognize as edibles. In order to properly enjoy that brown slop, two things were required: a complete absence of sense of smell, and complete absence of sense of taste. Gag.


I still watch Cook's tour! It's on once a week at some ungodly hour on food tv. I set the Tivo so I can watch it.

Glad to hear I'm not the only person who watches No Reservations - maybe this one will last more than a couple of episodes.


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