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July 27, 2005



McKibben's a snotty Leftist who's fond of throwing around false figures to 'substantiate' his pronouncements. I've read, and criticised, columns of his that The Dallas Morning News has printed in the past (unsurprisingly, my critical letters haven't been published - The Dallas Morning News has an apparent policy of not publishing criticism of their less-than-trustworthy contributors).

Jeff Hess

Shalom Sandy,

Isn't amazing how simple arguments collapse when faced with people who don't need to take off their shoes to add 8 and 7?

Having said that, the descrepincy may be the author's definition of "poor countries" and "development assistance."

I'm not suggesting he's right, but just that how you slice the pie is important. It's one of the reasons that I think anyone who cites statistics in this manner is obligated to be transparent about their assumptions and definitions.

Good catch.


Jeff Hess


The Night Writer

We talk about the importance of having at least a high school education in order to succeed in the world, yet so many "Christians" have barely graduated Sunday School.

Dang, I may have to use that...

If you take a quick skim through the link to the Giving USA page you linked to, you'll see they're not talking about foreign aid to poor countries - they're talking about all philanthropic giving including donations to churches, environmental groups, animal welfare groups, museums etc in the USA.

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