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July 27, 2005


marcus aurelius

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is based in NJ.

Read more here:


Marcus Aurelius

Except for the enforcement part of it I am with this bill.

I opposed the ban recently imposed here in Appleton and the restaraunt owners say they are losing business over the ban. They say the promised deluge of people coming to smoke-free places is not happening. Surprise!

However, one thing that drives me crazy is driving down the road and seeing a glowing cherry flying out the window of the car in front of me. It seems for many smokers the world is their ashtray. Green Bay is going to further restrict smoking in a park (Bay Beach) because they don't want to pick up butts anymore.

Some years ago I heard a story from down south. A legislator (forgot state) was driving, the guy in front of him tosses a butt ou the window and the butt finds it way into the legislator's care nearly getting into one of his eyes. Guess what was on the legislators agenda shortly thereafter? To make it worse the report had some smoker that whined about smoker persecution.

marcus aurelius

The previous comment from Marcus Aurelius is not to be confused with the earlier comment from marcus aurelius.

How are you Marcus?

Marcus Aurelius


I am fine! ROTFLMAO!

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