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July 27, 2005



At least you didn't respond like this.

Marcus Aurelius

You need to play the quiet game!

First one to make a noise is the loser. That works very well. Then when you have decided it is time enough then you say something and then feign disappointment you lost.

Worked on us, and works for me when I am around munchkins.


As time goes on, you will develop the skill known as the "mental child block." Being the proud owner of two teenagers, my kung-fu is strong. I'm guessing it took a half an hour for me to realize the Boy had the following Rush song on repeat in the next room the other night......

We are the priests
Of the temples of syrinx
Our great computers
Fill the hollowed halls.....

(Multiply by 100 in rapid succession.)

The trick is to develop a tolerance longer than your spouse's. That way, their defenses are pierced before yours and they stop the offending behavior before you become aware of it in your conscious mind.

Headstrong Elf

I completely empathize with you. And since I have yet to develop "mental child block" I have gone with the threat of incarceration. "If you keep yelling, I will have to pull the van over and the police will come and take me away forever and ever." After one threat followed by pulling over in the police station parkng lot (only a couple of blocks from home), they got the idea. So much for the "Mother of the Year" award. (I should also mention, this wasn't just from the incessant questions but from all 3 of them trying to see who could scream the loudest and longest.)

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