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July 07, 2005


I am not happy what happened in London today.

BUT! At the same time in Bagdad (Irak) were also killed 40 peoples in bomb attack. Nobody is giving his condolences to the people of Irak an the family of the killed peoples in that country.

When You look to these differences between the victims in Bagdad and London You will understand why these heappened to the peoples in London!


There are huge differences between what happens in Baghdad and what happened in London.

The fact that you fail to see speaks volumes.


Irak? Learn to write first you prick then study modern history and politics, i understand that people in 'irak' being killed are not much different to london citizens, in that they are all innocents going to work but your point is? If this is an anti war message then it is really lost on me and is very much in bad taste. Get in touch with the real world, not your self righteous one. Apologies if i sound angry but people like this annoy me. People who have a 'BUT' should be ignored especially in this situation because this disregards their previous statement. Alex, UK

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