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June 27, 2005



Normally I'd say "That can't be legal, get a lawyer". But then I remembered we now live in a country that doesn't support the idea of private ownership. My bad, I was thinking we were free there for a moment.

St. Kate

Un-be-lieveable. Next thing you know Wisconsin will be setting up Customs booths at the state line to help collect.

Yeah, I’m the Taxman. And you’re working for no one but me. George Harrison

Anyone old enough to remember the margarine wars in the early sixties? Oleo was once illegal in Wisconsin, the Dairy State. Columnist Jim Klobuchar used to joke about gunboats patroling the St. Croix watching for smugglers.


Washington State has been playing this game for years. Idaho has a much lower tobacco tax, so state troopers periodically set up stings at the border to catch people "cheating" the state of tax revenue.


Face, it, smokers are sitting ducks. A minority, and an unpopular one at that. And a minority open to scorning on moralistic grounds. Remember that ex-smokers can be the most obnoxious of non-smokers, so there's something of a retributionist ethic at work: "Good! They deserve it!," is undoubtedly what some think. And going after smokers is certainly easier, politically, than reducing the need for revenue by taking on the iron triangle of elected official, state employees, and program beneficiaries that supports ever-expanding budgets.

Cheap Cigarettes

These taxes are due even if I've already paid taxes for the product I purchased in another state.

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