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May 25, 2005








What are you doing, hiring blind attorneys? Even blind, he should be able to tell from your youthful voice that you are far too young to have grandchildren. Anyone who’s seen you would assume that your children were actually younger siblings, or that you were babysitting them to make money for college. By the way, just out of curiosity, have you decided who you’re leaving your cool torture chair to?

chris Muir

what's wrong with purple suits?


Have you tried Eddie Bauer for reasonably made t-shirts? Mine are from last year but I don't think they changed them too much.

Re: the lawyer -- all I can say is, heh.

Oh, and it took a while, but the whole "child vomiting" blog meme that you guys have been working on up here? Finally made it's way south to Arizona, where it got me up at 3:30 this morning. I'm not blaming you, mind you, just though you'd like to know. (heh, again)

St. Kate

Young Jedi...you passed the test. Congratulations. You live another day.

Sisyphus...darling. I'm disinherting my kids; you get it all.

Joan - sorry to hear about the vomiting kids. It's like yawning; once someone starts...Hope your little one is feeling better today.


hon, you look about 22. In fact, you look too young to have kids 3 and 6. David agrees. Us greyhairs get almost all our clothes at Lands End Inlet.


To late Margaret, I get everything.

Dave in Pgh.

Purple pant suit? You mean like the one that I saw at the Minnesota Historical place in Saint Paul about twelve years ago? The one that Prince wore in Purple Rain? That one?

You might as well wear the pajamas that made you the Belle of the Ball at Keegan's a few months ago.


No, Dave, I've already called dibs on the PJs.

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