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May 06, 2005



How very Iron Chef.
You must still be in Hong Kong.


Shutting down and checking out in two minutes. I'll land in Mpls. in 24 1/2 hours.

Marcus Aurelius

The cheeks are good. Even in the Upper Midwest we eat the cheeks! I caught a somewhat large northern pike once and (since I know not on how to bonelessly fillet these critters) my buddy filleted it out and filleted of the cheek meat as well.

Read not the rest prior to breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Fish eyes! Yes, those too are edible but my experience eating fish eyes was not in Northern Wisconsin but in the Filipines. My wife and her friends would consider your leaving the fish head like that a terrible waste! BTW fish eyes are chewy not soft and squishy like would think!



Yes. We do eat walleye cheeks in the midwest, and they like them in China too. I've never seen them eat the eyeballs in HK or China. I have seen it in Taiwan. The children, young girls, got one each.

I almost never eat fish here, unless it is fresh out of the lake. I do eat fish over there, because it's swimming just moments before it comes to the table. Never a "fishy" taste.

St. Kate


You're the best friend! I just got back into town myself and was catching up on my reading.

I love you, man!

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