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April 06, 2005


Joe N.

Mmmm - I don't know, Indira Ghandi wasn't exactly a proponent of pluralism or economic freedom, and history has seen plenty of female monarchs with the gardern-variety male penchant for control... I think it "comes with the job" as it were, not with the blood chemistry.


Yet we are women, and we are bloggers...........to say nothing of the fact that aspiring to be the world's first female dictators might be considered a feminist idea.

Eh, you don't have to be a feminist to realize women would make better dictators. My dad could never get me to make my bed.


Any blogger--woman or man--who babbles on about privileged hierarchies and gender relations and such deserves to be ignored. Double that (if possible) for anyone who expects women to have a uniform ideological voice. Talk about yer stereotypes!


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