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April 29, 2005


Anonymous Bob

At the very least we should give the minority what they claim their principles stand for -- fair and open debate. The business of the Senate should come to a halt and everyone with principles can debate until the they drop, which is what a filibuster was before the Senate came up with their "gentlemen's agreement" to redefine what a filibuster is. And when they run out of recipes and sports statistics we could tune in CSPAN at 3:AM to hear their experiences with trying to start a fire using a Coke can and a chocolate bar!


Simple math. If 'they' had the votes, we wouldn't be debating this. The Filibuster on Judges would be already gone. Why broker a deal if you have a winning hand. So A) Frist offered a deal cause he doesn't have the votes, B) Reid blew him a kiss because he knows he doesn't have the votes.

Now, if the majority wants to participate in dialogue, and offer a compromise, How about selecting judges like the other 205 that were already approved, instead of these 10 who have struggled with the confirmation process.


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