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March 27, 2005



Ay! That is NOT a pretty situation.

I'm off the hook, cooking-wise, today. We went to brunch at 10 and between that mega-meal and the overstuffed EBs, no one wants anything else (besides chocolate) to eat.

I expect I'll rustle up some egg salad later. Or something.

I hope you can salvage your dinner somehow and have a happy Easter anyway.


I fell for the same thing the first year we bought a hog to butcher. Who even knew there was such a thing as a ham roast?


Dear K,
The "ham roast" is an incredible piece of meat. I would have slathered it with honey, gone to town, slapped the owner of the gas station, drank all his beer whilst sitting in his corvette, drove to howard lake....no, waverly, bought 2 bottles of a cheap pinot noir or shiraz, drove home, Throw some fresh herbs on ham while drinking said wine, hit broil, and WALLAH, fabulous. remember what my good friend Martha and I say "there is no such thing as a bad ham"
Love, T

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