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January 31, 2005


The Night Writer

Sandy - my daughter (our "the Girl") says she wants to come to trivia night again this Thursday (4/7). Perhaps your version of The Girl might be interested as well?
- John

Derek Brigham

Check this link, Sandy. Let anyone you think will have an interest know, or post it. Thanks

I am a designer by trade, and T shirts are something I do many of each year for clients. From time to time, I make my own stock of shirts—funiforms if you will for yardwork, PJs, around the house wear. Obviously, the art is on a subject I am into. The last lot I did was for the RAGBRAI, Team Justice League shirts. Fun while they lasted, but have become threadbarel. I will probably make up about 10 of these MOB shirts for just me, but if you know the printing game costs drop the more you make. So, I will make a few dozen extra assuming some MOB members will also want some.

I try to do an artful job whenever I make shirts for myself or for clients and these will be no exception. For the printing, I am going with DASperle owner of Graffic Traffic in North St. Paul. He is a sometime FDogs contributor, he's tops in the silk screening business and we have been friends for about 100 years now. The black shirt will actually make the 4 color printing harder. but I like black, so tough—we'll just have to get it right. I am not asking anyone for money. If you know for sure you want one or more of these, let me know and I will make sure to make enough for you. I do not have prices yet, but I will keep them reasonable. There will very likely be a second printing at some point as well.

IMPORTANT: I would like your input. I am not married to the back of the shirt phrase: Official Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy — Northern Alliance Chapter. I welcome any input for a more clever idea, quote or whatever you think sums up the essence of the MOB well. (send to:


Ten years after the military, and I'm still suffering from acronymitis. I saw PiC on another post, and I didn't think "Partner in Crime," I thought "Parent in Command," or "Parent in Charge." Got too used to NCOIC - Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge, I guess.

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