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February 13, 2005



Hi DC,

Here are my thoughts. Let's go with a new blog, new design. That way, you can keep Brainstorming as is (in case our efforts fizzle) and it would give us all a fresh start. For that same reason, I wouldn't worry about importing archives from anyone's site. Perhaps we could have a spot on the side bar with brief biographies and links to our original sites.

If possible, let's wait until Monday night to buy a domain. A lot of people don't read blogs on the weekends, and we might have some new ideas from someone checking in on Monday AM. But I love MAWB Squad, and I think would be great. (with Typepad inserted)

I was wondering about categories. I noticed you use them. Do you think we should come up with a few to get started? (News/Politics - Domestic - Local Scene - Blogging Related - etc.)

You mentioned something in the email (haven't read it all yet) about authors vs. master account holder? I think we should just have one or two people in charge of altering the site. We can always email someone to add a blog to the roll or suggest a change. The rest of us should just be authors.

Again, I am more than willing to pick up all costs. If you are willing to do the techie stuff, I will pay the bills. I can either pay you back or I can send you my info to get bills sent to me. Whatever works easier for you.

I'm excited. I didn't think this would be taken up with such enthusiasm. Thanks a million for keeping the ball rolling.


I'm all for but this is not a dictatorship so we can hold off until every puts in two cents.
Speaking of $, once you get the determined domain, let me know how much so I can toss some money into this.
I think you're right, many will want to stay at old blogs as well. I might even stay at mine as an occasional contributor.
I feel no need to bring my old archives with me. Maybe a profile picture but that is it.


Another thought - it easy to post photos in Typepad? I've seen them here before. What's your opinion.


Hi Ladies!

It's easy to put photos in a post. On the post entry page, one of the little icons is a picture and when you put your cursor over it it should say, "Insert Image."

Step one is to choose the file you're uploading. Step two is to use the default setting or custom settings. I always use custom, which gives you the option to wrap text left or right, do you want a thumbnail with a popup, etc. (So I don't actually know what the default is set to.)

As far as costs. The blog is already paid for. The domain name is really cheap. I'm fine with covering the initial costs. The only future cost I see that might be an issue is if we start really driving traffic and go over our bandwidth. (I'm only at about 10% now.) We can cross that bridge when we come to it.

I've had group blog envy for so long, this is all upside! I'm trying to work on a M.A.W.B. Squad banner, but I really suck at photoshop. It'll be a miracle if I can manage anything but text.

I'm one of those people that usually don't read blogs on weekends. Fortunately I have some down time right now due to the Chinese New Year.


I forgot to mention that you can also have photo albums on Typepad. I have one on the upper right hand side for London.


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