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January 11, 2005



Your husband and family are very lucky to have you.
If a family runs in such a way that there always has to be the compromise and no "leader" than you have a family that runs like Congress.
I like the idea of leaning more toward the military side. There has to be someone that has final say.
Not only that, children respect knowing there is a head of the family with the last say. Parents that argue about who is going to win an argument in front of the kids lose all respect and encourage them to question authority.
Great post, glad to see you are back blogging. I need to alter my blogroll.


Heh, I was listening to the local sports station a few weeks ago and came in to the middle of an interview about a proposed television sitcom.

The sitcom is supposed to be based on Da Coach, Mike Ditka. And the guy enthusiastically plugging the show said this (words are approximate, it was on the radio and I was driving):

Well, we all know that Da Coach is funny, but for the sitcom we knew we needed to have someone for him to play off of. So, we gave him a wife who is smarter than he is, it just made everything so much funnier.

All I could think of was... what again? All the sitcoms are that way. It's not funny, it's nauseating! (click - I turned the channel)

As for how your family resolves their problems, as long as it works for all of you and everyone is happy, what more reason is there? People tend to think they must do things in certain approved ways. I've never understood that type of thinking. Good for you and your husband for figuring out the best way to keep your family life harmonious!


Well said Teresa. It's what works for us. It's not as if we insist the neighbors agree or approve.

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