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January 28, 2005



I'm glad you made it down there last night!


If I were not such a "social divot" I would have introduced myself last evening as I believe you were sitting at the next table during trivia. Next time perhaps? Glad you made it down but be careful, it can grow to be a habit!


Dangit. If my stupid work meeting didn't run long, I would have been there too. Maybe we can run some trivia at the Feb. 10th event to make up for it.


Hey, let me know when you come back into town for trivia and I'll meet you over there. I have an astounding amount of useless information floating around in my head.

The PolicyGuy

Actually, the Fraters guys DID win. I was part of the supersized team.

At first, we tied the two-person team. But upon review of the answers, we knew that one of our correct answers had been marked incorrect. With that switch, we pulled ahead of the other team by one point.

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