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August 03, 2004



According to, "Except for some extremely specialized work, all of our repairs occur in-house..." Also, Continental Diamond (.com) in St. Louis Park is a full-service jeweler with an in-house repair shop. You should call first but I assume ring resizing is a relatively minor "repair" for either of these jewelers.

And - you could have just yelled across the desk for this info, I'm not more than 10 feet from you! I know I'm a guy and not into jewelry but I am somewhat responsible for both of your rings (pat on back) -Hubby


LOL - I wear very little in the way of jewelry - mostly only my wedding band. I never remember to wear anything else - I'll do earings for a few days and then forget, I have a couple of other rings, but... you get the picture.

Years ago, right after my daughter was born, I must've dropped quite a bit of weight and my hands shrank too. One day I gestured with my hand and my wedding ring flew across the room. I took it to be resized the next day. It has fit me ever since then. I think I had to leave it for a couple of days, but I barely remember any more. (it was 25 years ago *grin*) Good Luck with your resizing!

Steve Gigl

Arthur's also does repairs (and customizes jewelry) onsite. And, presumably, resizing as well, although we've never had to do that.

Steve Gigl

Hmmm, let me revise that: "...we haven't had to do that yet."

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