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August 18, 2004



Kerry did indeed score a hat trick
in the game against Harvard, and won
a letter for the 1965 Yale soccer
team, along with 15 other guys.

It should be noted the story of the
hat trick, and the notice of winning
the letter was the only mention of
Kerry on page 128 of the 1966 Yale
Classbook, where the story of the
soccer team is told. You can find
it at

It says...

"Led by the offensive play of John
King, Derek Bush, John Griswold and
captain Joe Upton, and the superb
goal tending of sophomore John
Skrobat, the squad placed second
in the Ivy League with an 8-3 record."

What this tells me is that there were
at least five guys on the team that
had a bigger impact than John Kerry.


Thanks Doug for checking out the hat trick story.

It's come to the point where one feels the need for independent confirmation of any fact the Senator claims for his bio.


Also see

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