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July 26, 2004



You're good in getting all those bloggers!

King Banaian took a picture of the woodchuck with his camera phone, and I took a picture of the woodchuck with a plain old camera. Neither of us were imbibing, as King had to drive back to St. Cloud, and I was getting ready to go bowling later that evening.

You are the first trackbacker at the new location!

I think Bible blogging is a great idea. You might consider using the One Year Bible, as it has some Old Testament and New Testament passages for each day, so you'll have less temptation to give up when you go through Leviticus, the book that kills off more good intentions to read the entire Bible than any other!

Steve Gigl

Thanks for the kind thought, and I can sorta second the "One Year Bible" recommendation. I don't think I would have read the Bible when I did (in high school) if it hadn't been for the little year-long plan listed in the back. Of course, I'm long overdue for a refresh by now...

Peg K

DC--I'm really sorry that I missed you, too!

Unfortunately, due to a prior commitment, I had to leave the bash at 6:15... ergo, missed a few different people with whom I'd hoped to connect.


And I certainly do hope that there is a "next time!"


Oh man... I'm so jealous! All those terrific people. I must say that the Northern Alliance Bloggers did a great job getting all those bloggers together. It even makes me feel like moving north... but then I think about winter - LOL.


Sorry I missed you guys. The in-laws were spending the night and I really couldn't abandon them.
I'll be at the State Fair to see the NARN show, I've heard a few people mention it would be fun to do a State Fair get together.
Maybe we'll finally meet then?

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