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June 09, 2004



Heh! I've stopped shopping at one local grocery store because I got so tired of getting behind people in line whose credit cards or debit cards - ahem - didn't work. While they sort that out and I wait and wait - they manage to sneer at people shopping in the other grocery store nearby... saying... "that's where the rich snobs shop". I figured that would be the store for me since maybe the rich snobs would have money to pay for their purchases. LOL.

Personally I like efficiency. Generally people who are slow are also inefficient, thus wasting my time. So, I tend to be one of those people tapping my foot or my fingers thinking - let's get a move on. I have a feeling I'd annoy every southerner alive if I lived down in Dixie. *G*


I know I shouldn't let it bug me, but people with WIC coupons and EBT cards really get under my skin. "I'll take one gallon of milk and some cheese with this piece of paper, and my other milk and juice with this 2nd piece of paper, and cereal with this 3rd piece of paper..." and so on and so on with each having to be rung up separately. And I sit there tapping my foot and fidgeting even though I usually have no place to go and no people to meet (and my Mom raised me better than that). There has to be an easier way to get milk and food to hungry kids that doesn't take 10 minutes to ring up.
Whoo, that was long winded, I have more pent-up grocery hostility than I thought.
Have a great weekend!


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Keep up the good work.

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