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May 13, 2004



Sometimes the BEST thing to do is to just go away from the news for a while. All of it, everywhere. As you say, there is nothing we can actually DO about any of these things. (although the blogging outlet to the world is a bit of a help *G*)

So, when I am overwhelmed, I take Andrew Weil's advice and take a "news fast". I try to make it a weekend. No television unless I'm watching an OLD movie, no radio, no newspapers or magazines, no internet. I read, go for walks, go shopping. *G* It's amazing what one weekend off from the news will do for your mind.

I did this the weekend after 9/11 - everyone thought I was nuts, but it turned out I was the only person I knew who wasn't having symptoms of PTSD. I couldn't change what happened, I couldn't physically help, so I just turned it all off. Hope you're feeling back into things soon!

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