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April 05, 2004



Congrats on your new purchase! A couple of other tips - never ever let them think you won't leave without the car you've chosen. If they know you absolutely must have the car, they'll stick on their price. The other thing is that at some bigger dealerships they will bug the cube or office where you're waiting. Don't say anything at all about the car if the sales guy leaves you alone to go talk to the manager. Personally, I say, hey if the sales guy can't talk to me and do the deal then I want to see the manager only and do the deal with him - otherwise I walk. Saves all the wear and tear on the floor and is less irritating to my nerves. *G*


waytogo! gotta love the internet when it comes to buying vehicles! I did the same thing when I bought my car nearly 3 years ago

I was looking to buy a brand new vehicle, and new exactly what I wanted.. all I had to do was find a dealership that would meet the price I figured was reasonable.. the first dealer was a first class jerk (unfortunately he was also the local guy, so I had to put up with him for service).. but when he started to give me the runaround, I walked right out of his office while he was in midsentence

I drove an hour to the next closest dealership, and did basically the same thing you did.. since I had my financing prearranged by my credit union, I was in and out of the second place within 30 minutes, with a signed deal at the price I wanted.. all I had to do was wait a few weeks while they located the car

so where are the pics?? you show me yours and I'll show you mine ;)

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