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April 27, 2004



Looked at your pictures yesterday and then had to dash off and forgot to comment! They're great. One of these days I'll do some traveling too. *G*

Beth Donovan

You got some great pictures there! Our digital camera is about 4 years old, and really didn't do London justice when we were there last fall.

And, I suspect you just take better pictures than we do!


Au Contraire! I'm generally the LAST person in the family that you want to hand the camera to. These were taken with an Olympus C750 digital, which the hubby got me for my birthday so I'd stop taking the digital video camera, which is usually in his possession. I did have a friend, who is really into photography take a few of these, (the swans for example), but I took most of them. They were probably saved because the hubby e-mailed me to tell me how to turn on auto focus. Before it was turned on it was hit or miss.

Who knows? Maybe blogging will turn me into an OK photographer. I definitely take a lot more pictures than I did before I started blogging.

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