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March 31, 2004


Steve Gigl

Gee, quickly-covered news? (As if the longer stories on other stations are more in-depth, as opposed to simply repeating themselves and asking people how they feel.) No boring pre-written "dramatic" crap from correspondents? No cross-desk yelling between guests? And he looks for news even while the show is running? Terrible.

I should be watching his show more often.


I have been seeing pictures of Shepard Smith on Fox Channel and am wondering why they are showing them? Is he OK

Sadie Jenkins

Dear Shepard,
I'm one of the victims scammed by NADN. Could you please send me a copy of the report you did on them. I think it was aired in April.
Thank you very much,

Pat Rasmussen

Just a comment--Love to watch your news as you are "on the top of all" and I especially like Jane Skinner as she was working on a Milwaukee news atation--"she left" and your a lucky Fox to get her as she "has it all"! Love you both Shep and Jane

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