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March 07, 2004



We're grateful that you went to such lengths to listen to the show! Your review is more than generous. We'll be back every Saturday at noon, unless and until we get cancelled, and hope to bring some enjoyment to our listeners.

King Banaian

I'll join Hindrocket in expressing gratitude. Turns out we goofed up on the phones in hour two, so you couldn't get through because of our mistake. And I backed out on MHotW because I live in St. Cloud and read the biased St. Cloud Times instead.


What Rocketman and King said.

To streaming!


That was me alright. Most radio shows don't get such a detailed review. They must be doing something right.


Correct URL for The Patriot is, but thanks for the plugs!!!



Thanks for the heads up. It's corrected.



I didn't recognize James' voice, but knew it was him as soon as he called Kerry a "somnambulist". He's the only person I know who would use that word.

Benjamin Alan

My favorite quote from the show was in the last hour. It went something like this, “We should quit referring to the homeless as ‘homeless’ and just call them all ‘drunks’ instead.”

Glad to see these guys won't be deterred by political correctness.

Is there a single woman in the Northern Alliance? Perhaps the alliance needs to consider including the dedicated fan and co-blogger who would sit in her van for 3 hours as a guest?! You wouldn't want to be seen as non-inclusive, would you gentlemen?



I sincerely appreciate the sentiment. Hugh asked me about joining the Northern Alliance at his forum, mentioning having 6 months blogging under my belt first, (which I just passed.)

However, I would never want to be included as a token female. It just doesn't jive with my conservative principles.

Time has been an issue for me recently, which is taking its toll on blogging. (It's 10:20 now and I just wrapped up work for the night, which believe it or not is an improvement for me.) I find myself with a serious case of jealousy for those who group blog.

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