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March 04, 2004



The NA Radio show is the best kept
secret on radio. I wish The Patriot
would do a little more to promote the

Captain Ed

You guys are too kind! We're all nervous and excited about tomorrow's launch. I'm on in the first hour, and I'll probably live-blog the last two hours unless I'm drafted back into the studio for a segment.

DC, I think your analysis of the liberal-radio network is probably dead on. I'd like to think that the call-in format will force them to modify their thinking as they're intellectually challenged to defend their positions ... but I doubt that will work. Unfortunately, what I think will happen is that it will tend to pull the liberal listeners away from conservative hosts like Hugh Hewitt, Michael Medved, and Dennis Prager, where they are usually treated pretty well. It'll be a lot more preaching to the choir on both sides.

Unless, of course, liberal radio turns out to be boring, which I suspect may very well be the case ... Al Franken? Jeneane Garofalo? For three hours at a stretch, five days a week, 52 weeks a year? I don't think so.


Great Site!! Just stumbled into it and will return soon. Best of luck to you!


Shame on you- another hateful greedy bastard on the web. I bet you call yourself a christian too. What will you do when money and oxycotin no longer ease your pain? Drag the liberals to the gas chambers? There is Too much hatred out there from Conservatives and Liberals.

All Americans love America, but if they disagree with you you call them unamerican and that gives you lisence to hate and degrade them how you please.

Every one who is a citizen of this country is an American not just the ones who agree with you. Maybe my Liberal freinds are right.

Conservatives are Nazis.

this web site and "the Patriot" do nothing to dispute that claim.

the mole


Dearest Mole Joel,

So nice of you to drop by. I know logic may be new to you, so I'll take this slowly.

I've reread this post your comment appears on. Though I obviously don't intend to be a fan of Air America, I manage to state my view without getting personal and name calling.

You, however, a guest posting on my website, manage to accuse me of addiction to oxycontin, conspiring to mass murder, and being a Nazis.

Now explain to me again which one of us is filled with hatred?

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