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January 08, 2004



dv, going to lump all my responses into one. :)

just a matter of time before wifi becomes prevalent. Perhaps you need to move to the city? :)

I think Dean will continue to drop as past losers (Gore, Bradley) line up to endorse him. I mean Gore? C'mon. I actually liked Bradley. (Campaign) money still talks.

Aargh, my memory isn't as good as it use to be. I know there were a couple more that called out for my lame comments. But I have a good excuse, end of the day, been on my butt most of the day in meetings. Talk about getting paid to produce nothing.


I thought McDonalds was trying to institute something like this. Wouldn't help me since I don't ever go there (or any fast food places unless I want a migraine). Seems I was reading about this in the paper or online...


How about Schlotzsky's Deli?
Free wi-fi with your pizza / soup / sandwich.


Thank you Ventilator! Looks like there are a few in the twin cities. Maybe I should go into the franchising business and up the advertising on this. I can't be the only one with this problem.



McDonalds is indeed advertising WiFi. I think I saw a billboard near County Stadium to that effect. I'll bet the one by my house will be one of the last to get it, unless they get a lot more business from Harley and Miller than I think they do.

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