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January 20, 2004



You advise against slamming on the brakes upon spotting a speed trap. There was a news story a few years back about this. In one of the western states where local police are authorised to patrol the Interstate somebody made this mistake. The cop got him on radar at one over, and was pissed enough to pull him over. The driver was hauling morphine base to a heroin lab, and had the address of where he was going. Indictments in three countries resulted from the following investigation.


see? I KNEW we were really the same person! this post proves it! LOL

now, if you want me to add a "What To Do (Or NOT To Do) When Pulled Over For Speeding".. I can do that for you


Heh - I drive fast, but I am perpetually early. I have a real thing about being late. Not only will I try to leave myself plenty of time to get somewhere, but then when driving I tend to try and get there as fast as possible.

Maybe I should make that... I try to drive fast, since actual fast driving depends on the roads being open enough to do that. In the Chicago area you are far more likely to be fuming in traffic than moving along.


What a treat to stop in this morning and see the comments! I was starting to get worried about you Brett since I hadn't seen you around for a while.

I won't be able to post again until Monday. Write up the What Not To Do When Pulled Over and I'll post it when I get back. That would be great.



will do, maam!

have a great weekend.. I'm off to do some skiing (or at least something resembling it) in Hurley this weekend, but I'll get something to you either before or immediately after

Teresa.. I can relate (except for the part about being in Chicago.. my idea of bad traffic is having two cars in both lanes in front of you going the speed limit).. but I'm a bit anal about being punctual.. but you know how everyone seems to be blessed with some sort of 'gift'? mine is being able to be on time, no matter how far I'm driving, or whatever the road conditions are.. I've been known to tell friends who live across the state that I'll be there "around 4pm".. and invariably I'll look at my clock as I pull into their driveway and.. voila

personally, I wish I was blessed with the ability to pick winning lottery numbers.. but how often do you read headlines saying "Psychic Wins Lottery"?


"my idea of bad traffic is having two cars in both lanes in front of you going the speed limit"

LOL - we have those too - out of the 8 million or so in the metro area I believe these are accounted for by about 5 million. It's a good thing I work out of my house and only have to contend with local traffic to do groceries - etc. *G*

Now about that lottery thing... Nope I'm not psychic either - more's the pity.


"Now about that lottery thing... Nope I'm not psychic either - more's the pity."

I KNEW you were going to say that.. maybe I am psychic after all!

btw, DC.. what kinda AWD grocery getter do ya gots?


Sad to admit it. I'm a minivan Mom. 2002 Chrysler Town & Country LX AWD (Of course I insisted on the biggest engine for passing.) The same make and model saved my life in a head on collision two years ago when some kids crossed the freeway median. (I was assigned zero responsibility.) So when we replaced the totaled one we bought the same van except we added AWD.

Ha! I'm on the wireless keyboard in our hotel, TV internet. Hubby just came out of the shower and caught me.

I didn't bring the laptop this trip, so I was having withdrawal. (Anyone else notice TV news is rather useless?) I better get off so we can go to breakfast. See you Monday!

JD Mays

I'm a Driver too! I get nervous when I'm not driving. If I'm not driving, sometimes my feet try to work the imaginary brake and accelerator on the passenger side of the car. Your tips are pretty good too. I already do all those things and it's nice to know I'm in good company. One other thing I do...I always look both ways before going through an intersection once I get the green light. The surest way to get killed is to get t-boned by some yahoo trying to run a very dark yellow light.

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