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January 02, 2004



Great summary of the dichotomy!

I find the whole "I'm going to talk about God and Jesus" more in the south thing to be a huge contradiction to his opposition to the partial-birth abortion ban.

"I love God but it's okay to vacuum out the brains of babies that are being born"

How does he justify that?!

Granted, I know not *all* religious people are pro-life but it's still pandering...


Hi Moxie,

Thanks for stopping by! Which reminds me, as I was falling asleep last night I thought, I forgot to ping Moxie! You know how those blog things just pop into your head. Well, you're pinged now.

Even though we follow politics pretty closely, I hadn't heard about the Planned Parenthood stint. In my mind there's a huge difference in believing in abortion rights, and actually participating in killing an inncoent child in the womb.

If Dean isn't answering the question, it makes me think he probably has performed abortions.

Will the electorate make the same distinction? Will the press have the balls to make him answer the question?



Bush thinks all of us that don't believe in christ jesus are doomed to eternal damnation.

i wish somebody would ask him about that.

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