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January 29, 2004


Captain Ed

Awesome!! You can't go incognito, you have to at least let me know who you are. I'll be wearing the Peter Jennings London Fog look (midnight blue, natch). The Fraters guys and I are going to try to get a table together, if we can.

Sorry to hear about the power outage. I can't imagine the freak-out that would occur at my house under those conditions. I'm sure the First Mate would calm me down, somehow ...


OMG - 20 below is why I refuse to move farther north than Chicago. It's bad enough that we're going to 10 below tonight. Sheesh!

But I do wish I could go to the Patriot Forum - sounds like fun. Enjoy yourself!

Captain Ed

I didn't make it ... I'm not happy ... I've blogged about it at CQ. Grrr. You'll have to tell me how wonderful it all was. Or maybe not.

Steve Gigl

Thanks for the kind words, DC! I kinda doubt this hiatus will be very long, considering how seriously I am addicted (you should see all the comments I'm leaving everywhere just to clear the writing joneses--oh wait, you ARE seeing...). I would have been at the Forum last night, but due to potential travel plans I couldn't pull the trigger on the ticket until the exact day that they sold out, so I was SOL. But then again, if I had had the problems that the Cap had (and I am extremely prone to such misadventures), I might have been worse off. Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading everybody's accounts of the Forum!

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