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December 31, 2003



You'll be able to do it someday. When conditions are right - you won't have to make a "resolution" you'll just do it. Many people are likely banging their heads and saying "no it doesn't work that way" but really it does.

I don't happen to be a smoker - but I would never tell someone else what they "should" do. Just as I hate it went people tell me I "should" do certain things. I figure if you're an adult, you can figure it out yourself.

But in the meantime - until you hit that moment where it all clicks together and you are able to stop. Just relax and know that it will happen when you're ready. Have a terrific New Year!


A wonderful New Year to you and yours Teresa!

I'm working in the background here on additions and changes to the blog. But, I think it's time to go home and spend New Year's with the Hubby.

Both the kids are going to youth group activities, so we'll actually have the place to ourselves! Very unusual.


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