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October 08, 2003



D_C- if Rush was NOT trying to make race an issue, why wasn't his statement simply confined to 'McNabb is overrated', and let it flow from there. If he felt strongly enough about it, he could have brought it up(preference for black quarterbacks in the NFL) as a later part of the conversation, if not touched upon by that time? I have a hunch that he would have had to bring it to the table, because this would not be on the minds of the others there, simply because it is a non-issue.

I had the pleasure of watching McNabb in college, here at Syracuse University, and can't remember the subject being bruted about here, even though this is a rather provincial 'burg... maybe it was because he followed another QB, who was black, that was also a crowd pleaser.... McNabb is and was an electrifying player- great scrambler, good arm, and a lineman's mentality- he would mix it up with the biggest when he ran, and gave as good as he took.....

Perhaps I am not an average fan. I don't usually know a player's stats, who the played for before, or what college they attended. I do know when I see a good play, I appreciate it for what it is, not the color, salary, sexual preference, number of homes, etc that some broadcasters and analysts, and Rush- I put him separately because he isn't an announcer or analyst by any means- seem to be 'gee whizzing' over, or what is important to them, whatever the reasons....

Rush got into trouble because he wasn't in his "megadittos" territory, where people seem to glorify his every word and thought. He was just being his usualomnipotent self, and got his hand whacked for being an idiot. Then, to go and pout about it with his regulars and cry that his "free speech" was being abridged.... that was too much. He would have been much better served by saying that he may have broached the subject in the wrong way, that this was a possibility, and let it flow from there, but his ego wouldn't permit it.

So, what may have been an interesting addition to the inane sports talk that usually takes place on this type of show, he is on the sidelines...



Hi John,

Thanks for stopping by!

My point is that Rush didn't make any statement about McNabb's race in relation to his performance as a quarterback, which would have been racist.

He said that the media overrated McNabb because they want to see black quarterbacks and black coaches succeed.

What I find interesting is Rush is not the first one or the only one to have made this observation. Allen Barra, sportswriter published in Slate, Salon, WSJ, and Village Voice, and also book author, said essentially the same thing in a Salon article in Jan. 2002 you can read here:

Where was the outrage? Has Barra lost his job or been chastised? No?

Also, if what Rush said was so bad, why was there no reaction from his co-anchors, or in calls to the network when it happened? Are we really unable to recognize a racist statement unless we are told it's racist by the Philadelphia media?

Rush may well have been wrong that the media continues to treat black quarterbacks any differently, but that does not make his comment about the media racist.


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