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October 31, 2003


Steve Gigl

Just because I'm a nerd: 1 FLOPS = 1 FLoating-point (refers to the way a computer represents non-integer numbers) Operations Per Second

A TeraFLOPS would be one trillion floating-point operations per second (or 2^40 flops, which is pretty close).



I've always held Microsoft in disdain ever since their miserable attempts at mimicking Apple's OS with Windows and for releasing software before all obvious bugs are worked out. This continued with the bundling of software and adding bells and whistles that only 1% of users will be able to use 50% of the b-n-w. Meanwhile, required disk space grows inversely proportional to the utility of these b-n-w, not to mention their susceptibility to hackers.

The problem is that Apple adopted a closed system model while Microsoft chose the open system approach, which gave them scale and hence cheaper accessories (I use the term loosely). Cheaper products are more appealing to the masses. So are bad software.

When I started school again, I bought a Mac for its power and simplicity. Unfortunately, I couldn't swap files with my classmates very easily so I ended up having to buy a clone. Another 1200 reasons for hating Bill.

I used to root for Andy Grove to take down Bill. My classmates and colleagues know I'm always on the lookout for some smart people to form a company to take down MS, or at least put a dent in them some way. It's a pipe dream, but I'm still young, - or at least that's what I tell myself.

Hey, at the least, may be we'll make a bundle as Bill decides to buy out those he cannot beat. I bet Bill makes a great poker player by saying "Pot it."

Keep posting about Bill and you can almost always get a response out of me. But I'll probably sound like a broken record by then.


yes, more evidence that Macs are the coolest personal computers on the planet (at least now that NEXT has been reduced to a question in Trivial Pursuit)

personally, I think Bill might finally be vulnerable.. rumor has it, he's thinking of making a bid on Google when it goes public.. I think Google might be able to buy MS, instead!


it is always nice to read stories like this. i have been having so much fun with my G5 at work since i got it. it starts up so fast and launches my four start up applications before i even have time to take my coat off.

one is nice, but i'd sure like to have 1100 of them.



We've run our business on Macs forever. Many of our customers are large international corporations. I find I don't have any problems with software compatability as long as I have Office and Acrobat.

In my experience this covers 95% of files transferred. The other files I get are engineering files. I can get by without having CAD software.


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