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October 09, 2003



I don't know if it was these critters, but a few years ago when I was living in Mississippi, my place got swarmed by a remarkably similar looking ladybug... I swear I thought I was living through some bad B grade movie... I became a big proponent of chemical warfare that day... I used every kind of bug killer I had, then went out and got more... I was vacuming them out of my living room for I can't tell you how long after that fatefull day... UGH!!!


Oh, yuch. That is awful. They have the wrong color for lady bugs - those are just not right.
On the bright side, is your garden aphid free?


i HATE those things!! they're all over my dorm room and one bit me, and they STINK. grr. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that hates 'em =)

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