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September 30, 2003



Sure looks like one of the herons that have visited my folks farm now and again... I think we narrowed ours down to a Great Blue Heron...
Second picture down on the right looks like yours to me...

Beth Donovan

Great Blue Herons, most definitely.
When I was a little girl, we never, ever saw them. Now they are in abundance.
I remember the first one I saw as an adult - about 18 years ago - it was flying overhead, only about 15 feet above me, and it was huge, I thought it must be a Pterodactyl (-:. I immediately went out and bought a birding book, and found it listed there - as a Great Blue Heron, not a Pterodactyl.


Thank you both. I compared Tim's picture to the photo we took and I think blue heron is right, (although Pterodactyl would be really cool.) There were groups of them in the fields on both sides of the road.

I missed a bald eagle the other day when I got out of the car to get a closer shot.

The only problem is I'm now starting to think.....hmmmmm.......I could use a camera with a much better zoom lens on it.


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