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September 08, 2003




I'm a reluctant PC user. Love Macs, just didn't want to deal with the headaches and $$ to be able to share files with the unenlightened herd that is led by Gates. :)

Anyway, my intern told me about Mozilla Firebird and I downloaded it about 4 weeks ago and I absolutely love it. I was using Netscape 4.7, that is to say I'll use anything except IE. For that matter, I try to minimize using all Microsoft "products". There some additional options you can download to make MF really snazzy and cool to use.

The poem, - loved it.


Anters! We also try to avoid lining the pockets of Mr. Gates. But, I find Word and Excel to be neccessities to communicate with customers. These two and Adobe Acrobat account for 95% of the files we exchange.

I have heard good things about Mozilla, (from Richard I believe). Do they have the anti-pop-up option, or the accept cookies only from sites you navigate to? We just downloaded Mozilla late last night so I haven't had a chance to look at it.



Hi DC - i'm also a Mac user and have been since my high school days, which was in the early 80's (it sounds so long ago). I never even knew about the little buttons in typepad until i used one of the windows boxes in my studio at work. it was a little surprising!

I am sticking with Safari and continue to type in the links and images myself, although you can get the image code when you upload a file in typepad. I consider it being that much closer to my posts. :-)


Hi Lane,

Thanks for stopping by! As you can see, I'm a total newbie at this, but typepad does make it easy.

We were married in the early 80's on the precondition that my hubby was buying a Mac. (Our version of the prenuptual, I guess.)

Did you know that it's Expectant Father's Day? So, Happy Expectant Father's Day! (See, they do tell you some good stuff on



DC, here's the site for Mozilla Firebird extensions

I've added adblock, linkit, quicknote, and things they left out. I just saw that they have blogthis. Not sure what it does yet. Please note that this is for Mozilla Firebird, which is the best browser I've come across so far. I didn't like Netscape 6.0 and more recent versions. Don't like IE. I haven't tried Opera, but I'm told you have to pay?

If you want to download Mozilla Firebird, here's the site

Choose "Installer for Windows"

Regarding Word and Excel, I'll need to talk to my niece when she gets back from one of those French-speaking nations (Cananda or France). She didn't say where she was going, but I know it was one of those 2. Anyway, back from my tangent, she uses some program at U of C for both apps, - I believe it was for both apps. I'll talk to her again. My only hesitation is that I actually got decent with VBA in Excel and I have a pretty decent personal finance file. I hate to have to learn a new language so I could recreate the file in another application. Although I was told that Lotus-123 kicks butt over Excel, I didn't spend enough time with Lotus to draw a conclusion.

Keep on blogging DC.


Don't choose "Installer for Windows" but then you already know that.

I didn't know it was Expectant Father's Day. Maybe i should watch Fox, after all. :-)

I'll have to see how many cards and gifts i have waiting for me when i get home.

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