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Wife, Mom of two, Business Owner, Child of God


You can call me DC.

I'm choosing to blog under a psuedonym, at least for now.

We live in rural Wisconsin, 40 acres without the mule. The move was a bit of culture shock for a city girl like me. (What do you mean there's no pizza delivery to my house??)

The Hubby and I manage to both live and work together. It would drive some crazy, but we like it.

We have two kids, a daughter in high school, (the Girl), and a son in middle school, (the Boy). I'd brag on them, but this probably has a space limitation.

We're also business owners who work with everyone from normal consumers, (OK, describing some of you as normal is debatable), to international corporations.

Warning! You may find the contents of this site as eclectic as the owner.