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May 14, 2005



I guess this is what I get for trying to bury the hatchet. I’m sure dealing with the UN at the same time you’re trying to potty train the Governor would be a bit much, but you could pull it off. Most people are flattered to be mentioned for high government positions – especially when they aspire to world domination.

St. Kate

Suggesting I'm fit for high government office is one thing...but suggesting it because I'm NICE?! What a horrible thing to say. You know who was nice and held a high government office? Jimmy Carter.

And you wonder why I hauled out the chair?


No matter how bitter our disagreement would get, I would NEVER compare you to Jimmy Carter. I was thinking of someone else who was nice but knew how to handle toddlers/foreigners: Ronald Wilson Reagan.


Medieval acupuncture.

St. Kate

Really? Reagan?

Hmmm...I feel myself softening a bit.

I was hoping for Machiavelli, but I'm molllifed by your declaration that you would never compare me to Carter.

You live another day.


That's nothing. I've got an iron maiden.



Alright you two. Play nice.

Sisyphus: Stop taunting her with threats of having to deal with the French
St. Kate: Stop being nice.

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