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March 19, 2005



Go get 'em. I bet the sheep would probably laugh at his "appendage"


St. Kate,
You're just too good. Most of us would have slashed that jerk's tires.


You want me to beat this guy up for you?

Or should I just send Dementee to eat him?


Steve Gigl

Wow, and I thought my work league was competitive. And I gotta ask: "boards?" Are we talking *indoor* indoor soccer?


Awwwww...I feel like I have a dozen cyber older brothers waiting to take care of their little sis. Thanks for the offer, LF. How does Dementee feel about Asian food? The guy was from Korea, I think.

Steve - This league is in Maple Grove - we play in a small version of a hockey rink, only with artificial turf - sort of like playing on a Brillo pad.

Sisyphus...I KNEW you were going to think I wasn't living up to my evil potential. Just for you - next game I kick the guy right in the store.


I'm happy you resolved your computer troubles, provided it doesn't mean you plan to abandon me for home blogging pastures. Yes. I admit it. I'm group-blog needy.

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